Treasure Ireland: Erin!

Ah! Goodbye Erin!

We were so tempted to keep her and suffer the fees and hassles of Ryanair to get her to Scotland…but no. We bought a guitar in Cork over a month ago and we knew we’d leave it in Dublin.

James and Erin playing in front of Malahide Castle

We are not going to riddle this one at all. Someone (preferably a musician) please rescue Erin! We left her in the care of the reception at St. Michan’s Church. James’ highlight of Dublin (five years ago) was going into the crypt below the church to “shake hands” with the mummified remains of an 800 year-old crusader. It was once tradition to rub the finger of such a corpse for good luck, and the tour guide still allows people to do so.

James descends into St. Michan’s crypt to see an old friend

Both of us shook his hand this time and we decided it was the right place to leave our beloved guitar. Putting it on the back of the James Joyce statue near “the Stiffy on the Liffey” intersection of O’Connell Street was a close second…

Just go to St. Michan’s Church and ask at the desk for the guitar. We only ask that Erin stay in Ireland. Add stickers from the counties you visit and sign the back with the marker we left in the case. When you are about to leave, please give her to someone else in need of a musical travelling companion. Her voice may not be strong, but it’s beautiful!

Counties for which we couldn't find (or forgot to buy) stickers

Brice doesn't want to let her go

Goodbye Erin!


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