We Left

This is a song James wrote when we were in Doolin. Turns out it was not true. We’ve since been in Scotland and are now in Amsterdam, coming home soon.

In Ireland We’ll Stay


We’ve been drinking, we’ve been dancing


We’ve done every nature hike


We’ve been feckin’ locked in Cork

                   C                          D

And they think we’re locals like


We’ve seen Fungi out in Dingle


And we’ve kissed the Blarney Stone


We know we’re only tourists

              C        D              G

But this island feels like home


            G              D

We’re not going home (No!)

         C                                    D

We love our pints of beer

           G          D

It’s welcome! Cheers!


            C                         D

And kiss my ass you’ll hear

            G                     D

We’re not going to leave

      C                  D

In Ireland we’ll stay

        G                         D

It’s failte (fawl-cha)! Slainte (slawn-cha)!

          C                                                      D           G

And pog ma thoin (pok ma hown) you’ll hear us say


We hate When Irish Eyes are Smiling

And we’re sick of Danny Boy

We need music sung in Irish

To fill our hearts with joy


We love our pints of Guinness

Smithwicks, Bulmer’s, Murphy’s so

When we suggest another pint

The answer you will know




We just looked in our passports

There’s an expiration date

Does anyone know the penalty

If we go home too late?


Ah screw it (yeah!)

We’re never leaving here

And if customs comes a-calling

We’ll just blame it all on beer…’cause


<chorus repeat as desired>

                 C          D      G

‘Cause in Ireland we’ll stay

The map of our trip!


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