Ah Edinburgh. When you’re walking around Edinburgh you know at every moment that you are not in any other city in the world. Edinburgh is a city with a distinct personality resonating out of the stonework and the monuments for Scottish literary heroes.

Sir Walter Scott Memorial

It also has a sweet castle.

Edinburgh Castle

We only went out once, but had a great time at Hive. They have themed Wednesday night parties every few weeks with cheap watered down drinks, and we caught Japanese themed Bansai!  But we arrived too late to receive free Tamagochis. The Hive had two dance floors—one with chart, one with cheese. We stayed in the cheesy 90s room. Duh.

The most popular thing to do in Edinburgh is to wander the Royal Mile and frown at fellow tourists searching for their Scottish heritage (just as you are doing).

The Royal Mile

Street Performers are everywhere on the Royal Mile

The castle is a pricey must.

Cannon POV

Edinburgh Castle Armoury

Even better than the castle is a walk / hike to the top of Arthur’s Seat for a beautiful view of the city.

Arthur's Seat

While Brice was off seeing the above sights, James met up with Scott (from the same programme at UBC), who is now doing his Ph.D. at St. Andrew’s. He came into Edinburgh for a pint (or 2 or 3 or…okay, fine…4 pints) of Guinness.

Cheers Scott!


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