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Slainte! (and a brief tour of Londonderry-Derry)

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Thanks Hugh for all your help!

On the way to Belfast, we stopped in Londonderry (to Protestants) or Derry (to Catholics) and Hugh showed us the murals and (even though he’s Catholic) took us to the Protestant district. We went into a guard tower converted into a museum by Mr. Jackson who lives nearby. Jackson has war memorabilia from WWI to Afghanistan including uniforms, pins, badges (some Canadian), a copy of the Nuremberg Trial documents, and model ships. The most impressive item, because of its personal nature to Jackson, was a graffitied soccer ball at the top of the tower.

Soccer ball of hatred.

It’s not part of the collection, but a confiscated item Jackson took from local children. The ball has anti-Protestant slurs written on it by Catholic children who then kick it into the Protestant area hoping to incite retaliation. Jackson, whose house has been hit by bricks launched over the fences of the area even with the last few nights, blames the kids on both sides and wonders why with such throwing abilities they’re not playing cricket. Jackson and Brolly shaking hands with a shared desire for peace has been one of the highlights of the trip.


Bill gave us enough, through paypal, for two pints each! He drinks Ballantine’s on the rocks, if memory serves, so we had Bushmill’s in Sligo.  For the second round we will raise a Scotch to him when we reach Scotland at the end of our trip.

Slainte Bill!


People have bought us pints and we’ve been behind in toasting them! If you buy us pints in real life, we’ll also add you to the Patrons of our Pub section of the site.

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